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Friday, May 01, 2009

Twitter Question

Okay, you smart techno-geek types. I would like to embed my twitter feed into a blog post so that tomorrow, when I'm Cheering to Belgian Beers, my post will be updated with tweets of every beer I try. Two questions:
  1. What's the code to embed?
  2. Is it possible to embed a code that would capture not only my own tweets, but tweets of others who use a # tag?
If this works, it could be groovy as we head into fest season. Beta test tomorrow--but only if you can help out! Me stoopid wid tech.

Update. Well, turns out Twitter has embeddable code you can cut and paste. That's my speed, baby, cut and paste. It's a flash application--can everyone read this?


  1. Hi Jeff: I think to get everyone's #tag you'd need an API key from Twitter.

    To just echo your tweets, you can use similar javascript as you have in your sidebar. The catch with javascript in a Blogger post is that it has to be all on one line.

    To see what I mean by all-on-one-line, here's a post of mine that has javascript inside the post. View the page source, and look for "ipnShowAnswer". You'll see a glob of code between <script> </script> tags. You can do something similar with your tweets.

  2. The flash app won't show in rss readers like google reader...

  3. Reads just fine... like Bill said I just used the embedded java script code to get it on my blog... take a look.

  4. Looks fine on the blog. Like GG said, it doesn't show up in Google reader. So add a <noscript> section that says "No javascript? Click over to _Beervana_ to see the feed". And make _Beervana_ link to the exact post with the feed.

    The post of mine I mentioned earlier does that in Google Reader.

  5. I wish I understood tech as well as beer. Thanks for all the feedback.