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Thursday, November 19, 2009


I may be making a media appearance to talk about winter beers next week. (And by "may" I mean "will"--more next week.) I am thinking of a diverse line-up--that is, not all just winter warmers. I have a few ideas, but I wouldn't want to overlook anything. I think bottled beers will be the preference.



  1. Something spicy always good for Christmas? And something corked is always good for a special occasion? We have some Fraoch anniversary which should be good on Christmas day.

    Generally, some suggestion for nice winter ales that aren't necessarily 'Christmas ales'.

    Old Hooky, it's like fruitcake, not a winter ale but perfect on a winter night.

    Bath Ales Barnstormer - a really nice dark bitter, subtle and lovely.

    Hmmmm, I was chatting about this with someone the other day, let me have a think what other beers we talked about!

  2. A magnum of Chimay Blue is the perfect Christmas gift.

  3. Mikkeller To: / From:
    Dupont Avec les bons Voeux
    Bruery Autumn Maple
    Hair of the Dog Adam
    and I'm with Charlied on Chimay Blue, also I find Alt beers to be a favorite during the cold months when you need something for a session beer.

  4. Ninkasi-Sleigh'R Winter Doüble Alt 50 IBU/7.2% ABV.
    Ninkasi Brewing Company, Eugene. Delicious NW winter dark doüble alt. Roasted malts, toasted nuts, chocolate, caramel aromas/taste; well balanced; delicious.

    At my local, in Salem, the keg sold out in a week; last week.

    Allegedly, the first year in bottle.

  5. A rauchbier might be an interesting one to review. A bit like malt whisky on a chilly night.

  6. I should have mentioned that I need local beers. Not necessarily ALL local beers, but most. I'm wondering if you have some beer that one might overlook. For example, one I'm strongly considering is HotD Adam.

  7. I'll give a +1 on Adam too. Great beer. Goose Islands Burbon County Stout is one I'd love to drink all winter. Deschutes Obsidian is my winter standby. Russian Rivers Damnation also goes well on cold windy nights. Lips of Faith Dark Kreik from New Belgium has ended up being a great one for me as well..... Hmmm, What else have I had this winter that I loved? McMenimins Wookie, but that was only on tap in Salem, and not in bottles.

    Wow.... That's only two locals.... Sorry.

  8. For local winter-only bottled ales, I would go with Rogue's Santa's Private Reserve, Ninkasi's Oatis, Oakshire's Ill-Tempered Gnome and Full Sail's Wreck the Halls.

    For non-local winter-only ales, I would say Goose Island's Bourbon County Stout, Voodoo Brewing's Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Stone's Double Bastard and Alesmith's Yulesmith.

    If you are looking for some year-round ales that are good during during the winter, I would go with Old Rasputin, Smuttynose's Baltic Porter, and Fuller's Vintage Ale

    Heater Allen's Sandy Paws also comes out next weekend.


  9. The Oregonian's John Foyston noted Lompoc's C-Son's Greetings Winter Imperial Pale Ale is available in bottles; >100 IBUs/8.5% ABV - caramel malty body with an extremely intense piney, resiny hop profile. Brewed with all seven of the 'C' hops - Cascade, Centennial, Challenger, Chinook, Cluster, Columbus, and Crystal hops.

    What could be more PNW?
    What could bring more holiday cheer?

  10. Pelican Doryman's Dark, although you'd have to go to Pacific City to get a bottle.

  11. @Joe

    Dorymans dark is available in bottles now. I'm not sure what things are like in PTown, but we have a line up of their regular beers at Roths in Keizer