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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

BridgePort Advice - Please Vote!

In case you missed it, I posted a poll yesterday to find out which beer you'd like to see BridgePort should make for its Spring "Big Beers" series. I'm shooting for 200-250 votes, and the current total is 144. So please vote now if you haven't.

The early returns show three strong contenders (old ale, Big NW red, strong rye) and one more on the outside looking in (imperial stout).

(Thumb-on-the-scale time: go old ale!)


  1. C'mon rye! I think both the Old Ale and Strong Rye are more "springy" to me than the big Red.

  2. I see that my opinion holds great sway. Shortly after I agitated for old ale, it fell out of first place. Maybe I should now agitate for the big NW red.

  3. This whole thing reminds me of a song by my favorite '90s New York noise band, Bongwater:

    "David Bowie Wants Ideas"