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Monday, November 09, 2009

I Approve

This is cool:
Dubbed "Eight Malty Nights," the Chocolate Rye beer will be brewed tomorrow, November 10. Rabbi Bradley Greenstein from the Congregation Neveh Shalom will be present to bless the mash and deliver a toast. The beer will be released on the first day of Hanukkah, Dec. 11.

To witness the blessing of the mash and take part in the toast, please be at Lompoc Brewing, 3901 A N Williams Ave, Portland on Tuesday, at 7:30 am.
By the way, when did the "New Old Lompoc" (aka "Old Lompoc") become "Lompoc Brewing?" Did I miss something?


  1. So does Lompoc actually have strong Jewish links?? Or is this cheasy marketing??

  2. Lompoc makes quite a few Christmas ales each year; about 6 this year. With that kind of Christmas dedication, it seems alright to offer one for Hanukkah.

    I wouldn't call it "cheesy marketing" since I don't think that many know about it. If it was a marketing ploy, they didn't do it very well. They haven't mentioned it on their site and I just got the media reminder today.

    I would call it good spirited fun.


  3. I have no idea what connection Lompoc has to Judaism. However, it's clearly more than a stunt if they have a rabbi on hand. I think sometimes we're too cynical. Can't this be just what it appears--a sincere attempt to honor the spirit of the season?

    We can use a little sincerity, and also a little ecumenicalism. I like it.

  4. At least one of Lompoc's brewers is Jewish. Albeit a Jew who loves bacon!

  5. Sam Orlansky brewed it, and grew up in San Diego with Rabbi Bradley Greenstein who blessed the beer. Sam said he's always wanted to make a Hannukah beer...8 Malty Nights will be released Dec 11, first night of hannukah and is a dark ale of about 6.6 percent abv with chocolate malts and flaked rye as part of the grain bill. I was there at 7 a.m. drinking Manieschewitz blackberry wine with the crew for the blessing and it didn't seem like a cheesy marketing stunt to me, FWIW...

  6. Hey Jeff,

    I am late in reading this, but wanted to address your question about New Old Lompoc becoming Lompoc Brewing. This happened after the addition of the Fifth Quadrant brewery, and was done to distinguish Lompoc Brewery from the New Old Lompoc pub. The pub still exists and is still a working brewery, but Lompoc also brews at 5Q and supplies beer for those two pubs plus Hedge House & Oaks Bottom. Plus it is now bottling. Lompoc Brewing made more sense. Cheers!