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Monday, November 02, 2009

Abyss Release Tomorrow

I suspect most of you already have this on your calendar, but in case you don't: Deschutes is releasing The Abyss tomorrow:
The first wax-dipped bottles of The Abyss will be available for sale in the Portland and Bend Brew Pubs on Tuesday, Nov. 3rd. These early sales are limited to six bottles per person. The first 48 bottle customers will get bottles signed by Deschutes Brewmaster Larry Sidor. The party starts in Portland at 2 pm and in Bend at 5:30 pm.
Two is sort of an awkward time, but I guess that will make it easier for the truly avid to be in line to get a signed bottle. (Which, by the way, is cool. I have a couple signed bottles and I think they're pretty groovy. Of course, with the ready availability of brewers in this state, you could also just pack a sharpie and get your bottle signed on the fly.)

Also of note to you smaller folks. I got a black, long-sleeve t-shirt in the mail from Deschutes. (As always, I'm high on swag.) It's got a line drawing of a bottle of the Abyss on it, but it is sadly a medium. (And, truth be told, I don't wear t-shirts all that much anymore.) The first person to email me with their home address gets it.

I appear to be getting more swag these days, so I may have more to distribute. Have to figure out how to make it competitive. Of course, you could just check this site ten times a day on the off chance. And while you're at it, click on the damn Google ads--you're all like me, never clicking on ads....


  1. Whoops, I guess you shouldn't offer a "first person to email me" giveaway and then wander away from the computer. I have a winner, thanks all who emailed. The winner was Eddie from Portland.

  2. How about a first brother-in-law to e-mail you contest

  3. do you know when stores will start selling?

  4. Jeff,

    Careful with the 'click the ads' edict. You might evoke the wrath of mighty Google.

    ...The whole internet if full of her spies. Even some of your readers are on her side...