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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What if ...

...I went on teevee and no one saw it? As of this morning, much of yesterday's "Keep It Local" had been posted to the website. But not my winter beer tasting. I was there, though--honest! I even took some cell-phone pics as I waited for my segment.

If and when the clip gets posted, I'll let you know.


  1. I TiVo'd the segment and just found time to view. [We have guests.]

    Your minutes of fame were from 53+ to 57 minutes into the segment.

    You did well.

    You inspire me to shop for the two [of the four] I have not had at my local.

  2. i was out of the house all day yesterday. would love to see the segment if someone can get online.

  3. Drat, they cut off the end before we heard the name of the last beer! Your descriptions were so distinct that I'm asking for #3 for Christmas.
    Great job... but not long enough.

  4. Your clip is on the site now. Good showing, too bad they cut it off early. I like that you brought in both a cellared and a local beer.

  5. As always interestingly and cognitively, has added in bookmarks