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Monday, November 23, 2009

Beer Tasting With Jeff

Tomorrow I will be filming a shot segment for the show "Keep It Local," which airs daily at 4pm on KOIN TV. We will be tasting winter beers, four or five, of which I have three identified. Don't know if it will air on Tuesday, but it conceivably could. For those of you with the fortune to be near a TV set at four, tune in--if only to see how many gaffes I commit. I'll do my best to track down the video for those who can't watch at that hour.


  1. don't fuck it up!

  2. Are you revealing your choices so far, or is a secret until the show airs?


  3. Anon, I almost certainly will, so the pressure's off.

    Kevin--nope, you gotta tune in!