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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hair of the Dog Michael

A post by Angelo over at Brewpublic reminded me of an important release: Hair of the Dog's Michael. Here's Angelo's backgrounder:
Hair of the Dog brewer and founder Alan Sprints has concocted a special barrel-aged and bottle conditioned Flemish Red Ale simply named “Michael” to pay tribute to the man who Sprints calls “the most influential beer writer and critic who ever lived.” We must admit, those are hard words with which to argue.
I saw the announcement for Michael on Alan's Facebook page, and so I asked him about it.
"I have been brewing this beer once a year since 2007; it is made with organic pilsner, Munich and Vienna malts. It is around 6% abv and fermented with the Wyeast Roselare blend. This bottling is a blend of American oak and sherry-cask aged beer from the 2007 brewing. It will be released every year in November. Next year's bottling will be mostly French oak-aged. I hope people compare it with Rodenbach; it is still to early to tell."
Rodenbach is one of the finest beers on the planet, and if it does compare well, I will be beside myself. This new wave of Flemish reds and browns makes me a happy man. Love me them hops, but still, a little sour here and there is required for balance. (Random question: how long do you think Alan spent thinking about whether it would be appropriate to call it "Mike?")

Hair of the Dog Dock Sale

Saturday, Nov 14, 10 am
Hair of the Dog Brewery | Directions

You can get Michael this Saturday at Hair of the Dog's annual dock sale. Also available: Cherry Adam from the Wood, Fred from the Wood, Doggie Claws, Matt (bourbon and apple brandy barrel-aged sour).


  1. Sorry, No Matt till next year. It is barrel aged, but not a sour, just my regular yeast. Mike was a consideration for about two seconds, just not respectful enough for MJ.

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