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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Flag on the Play: Unnecessary Shortage of Beer

I make it to a pub about twice a month. Odd for a beer blogger, I know, but there it is. So generally I try to make the trip count. Last night, I made it down to the Widmer Gasthaus to try the new Collaborator beer--CXI, made with loaves of pumpernickel. I live a lot closer to It's a Beautiful Pizza, where this beer is purportedly also pouring, but I wasn't taking any chances. Go to the source: go to the brewery.

The very nice waitress took my order and I settled in with the Blazers game playing overhead. A few minutes later, she returned. CXI was not available, nor would it be all evening. (?) Chagrined and mystified, I ordered an alt. Nice beer, but I've had it dozens of times. So what gives? Why is a beer, barely out a week, not available at the brewery that produced it? And I was even considering a growler!

Already cultivating an old man's propensity toward crankiness, this kind of thing is no benefit.

The universal symbol of a dead tap.

Update. Widmer just tweeted that Collaborator is back on tap. (Fat lot of good it does me.)


  1. And my comment about breweries underproducing limited releases was dismissed...... Well glad someone else is starting to feel a little bothered by it.

  2. did you go to the pizza place?

  3. What I want to know is, how can we get you out to a pub more often?

  4. Bill, I've noticed that the free beer enticement works pretty well.

    (Actually, that's a lie. I'm just lame.)