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Monday, April 13, 2009

All Quiet on the Spring Fest Front

I have been too busy to put together anything resembling a real post today, and I am disappointed to find no content about the Spring Beer Fest among the local blogs. (To, um, you know, steal from.) The silence deafens.

Any reax out there?


  1. I didn't go, so nothing to report on my blog.

  2. The best thing I can report is that I didn't go either!

    ...funny, I don't feel like I missed much....

    The Doctor had an alcohol free weekend. I'm surprised he's in a decent mood! Who am I talking about? I think the Multiple Personality disorder has finally taken over.....

  3. I went. Posted what happened on my blog. Too bad the food poisoning overshadowed the beer.

  4. Jared,
    That is one hell of a story. I'm impressed you could drink all that without being drunk, sampling vodka, wine, and trying all the breweries? you sure it was the food? hehe.

    Well, to summarize Jeff, one person went to the fest and puked, that about sums up the Spring Beer fest... yaktastic.

  5. Dr Wort,

    I'm a big guy, and it can take a bit sometomes for me to get drunk. I was sure pretty tipsy though. The reason I made it through, and the reason I'm certain it was the food is that I wasn't even finishing the samplers, especially the wine ones. Near the end I couldn't even drink the beer samplers. Even at my drunkest I've never turned down alcohol that's offered me. Also we were there for quite awhile. We got in around 12:50, and left around half past five.

  6. Yeah, the fact that none of the bloggers went is illustrative. As a group, we pretty much never all miss an event. Says something that we have taken the SBWF out of rotation.

    Ah well, not everything can delight.

  7. Jared,

    You must be channeling my thoughts!

    I'm not sure why your post was directed to the Doctor? Are you trying to make some excuses for your "drinking problem?"

    Since you're directing drinking excuses towards the Doctor, I guess the Doctor needs to respond?

    I would rather email you direct, but can't find an email link on your blog....

    I think the amazing part of your story stared in the first couple of sentences, "... my mother and I headed off for Portland to go to the Spring Beer and Wine Festival."

    This generally sounds like a good idea to bring a designated driver with the exceptions that she drank along with you and you both drove to the event!

    Very disturbing.

    Have either ever heard the old addage, "Never mix your drinks"? "Never mix the Grape with the Grain?"

    Disturbing #2.

    Then, you post this:

    "Even at my drunkest I've never turned down alcohol that's offered me."

    Disturbing #3


    I wrote more, but decided it was too personal, so I deleted it. If your wish to discuss this in more detail email me through my blog.

  8. Ha ha sorry Dr wort.

    Meant to direct it towards DA Beers, but for some reason addressed it to you instead. Freudian Slip? Anyway I don't have an email link up on my blog yet, keep forgetting to do that. The email is

    Not sure what to make of your analysis :)

  9. When the most notable and/or newsworthy item about a beer event is a new brand [from/of?] Henry's, you know you've got a serious identity crisis. Best just strikethrough "Beer and…"

    (not that I'd be qualified to quantify the "Wine" aspect of the show…)