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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fire Your 'Cues

In yesterday's "best bets" post, I totally forgot the really big show this weekend--the Blazers. I am a member of the unwashed masses who will be watching from outside the Rose Garden, but I'll be doing it in style--pre-functioning with friends around a pit of burning meat*, hand cradling a fine ale, bald head testing the intensity of the sun.

I will confess to being stymied on the ale business though. For old-time Blazers fans, this is a moment we've anticipated (somewhat despairingly) for well over a decade. I know we were in the playoffs more recently, but that was the Jail Blazers--and no self-respecting fan found joy in the team. Now we have a crew of fine kids we're proud of, and we finally have a team we can root for in the playoffs. Beer selection for such an event is not to be handled blithely. I think I'm going to go with the beer that captured my fancy yesterday, though--a weisse.

All right Blazers, make us proud!

Update. Oy. Now I need a beer that makes me forget everything that happened in the previous 24 hours.

*As a poor vegetarian, one who is seduced by a plump, barbecued bratwurst, today will be a test.


  1. Heading to John's now. Looking for something Portland brewed for the viewing experience this evening.

  2. Took a cue from your post-Lakers game choice and picked La Fin Du Monde to start the evening… followed that with Full Sail's bourbon-aged Black Gold imperial stout around half-time (or the first quarter, whichever was worse)… followed that up with Mad River's John Barleycorn barleywine around the tail of the 3rd quarter (Dad's choice)… and ended with a 2008 Doggie Claws… what a bitter-sweet finish.

    And no, I didn't consume it all… it was a pretty even split between Dad and myself, though I was pretty well gone after the John Barleycorn and Dad had most of the Doggie Claws. I won't be reproducing that evening come Tuesday.