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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Drink Me Mag

I got an email about a strange new mag called Drink Me. Normally I round file these--especially products like this only tangentially about beer--but when I flipped through the online copy, I was amused to see the one beer article was about Pabst. Of course, I thought instantly of the snit this would provoke in Doc Wort, so I had to mention it.

The mag apparently has an online component, and an early blog post demonstrates that Drink Me has some sense of good beer, PBR articles notwithstanding:
Brewery owners are now charged with the task of all competing for your one mouth, whether you drink a single bottle of beer with dinner, three cups at a ballgame, or go for the lost weekend down by the river. As such, most brewers run their companies similarly for economic reasons. And because first and foremost they are businessmen and women, trying to get them to talk about non-industry issues was a challenge. Being operations-minded, they often talked about issues of distribution, of cleaning stainless steel, and of bottling, which really isn’t so fascinating. But when they get to the point where their job and their numbers transcended mere productivity, I find their stories and lessons captivating.
It's part one of a series, and I confess I'm mighty interested in reading part two.


  1. What is wrong with PBR?

    One of the best tasting "Standard American Lagers" if you ask me. If there isn't a Munich Helles to be had and I'm in the mood for a light lager, a good pick.

    Maybe you should do a review of PBR...

  2. Have you been able to follow up and read more of our issues? We'll be following SF Beer week coming up.