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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Spring Dawns

With apologies to Tennyson, in the spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of beer. The light or the heat, something causes us to rush to the brewkettle and whip up a fun, welcoming beer. For my own part, I just bottled a dry-hopped pale, redolent of earthy, spicy Chinooks. (A high alpha hop whose virtue really shines in the carboy.) Here are the two ounces of hops, saturated and ready to be fed to the compost bins:

In other news, I see that Hopworks is releasing a beer called "Terry Porter" (6.0%, 14.2 P, 45 IBUs) in honor of our greatest point guard (and my favorite Blazer). This is slightly related to homebrewing, for I too have whipped up a batch of Terry Porter. But can Hopworks top this? A couple years ago, when Oregon was making its run through the NCAA Tourney, I dubbed a beer Tajaun Porter.


  1. HUB also has a cream ale soon to be on for their 1 year party. I too brewed recently. An imperial IPA with a trappist high gravity yeast. Spring is the best time to brew! Temps are perfect for fermenting and the weather is decent enough to enjoy being outside for the brew day.

  2. I made Hairy Porter last fall. Habanero porter with chocolate. Yes, inspired by Roots, but with lots of other stuff I had lying around it became a "porter" in the loosest this is homebrew sense.