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Friday, April 24, 2009

Weekend Best Bets - I'm Outta Town Edition

So I'm writing this on Thursday afternoon, a couple hours before leaving town for the weekend. It's probably a little too early to do a decent survey of your options, so I'll highlight Pelican Brewery's seasonals. Pelican was the only brewery to take me up on the offer to update me on their special beers. Other breweries, the invite's still open. Drop me a line!

Nestucca ESB. Features English hops (Goldings, Fuggles), and was dry-hopped for a delightful fresh hop aroma. This beer just went on tap last weekend. 45 IBU, 6%.

Riptide Red. Pelican's take on Irish ales, "Riptide Red is our local tribute to Irish heritage." 25 IBUs, 5.3%.

Angler’s Amber. Based on the description, I'd say this is more like an alt than a NW amber ("Fermented cool with prolonged cold storage in the lager brewing tradition"). I love a good ESB, but this looks the most intriguing. But hey, if you're sitting in their gorgeous pub, there's no reason to restrict yourself to one. 50 IBU, 6.7%.

Ah what the hell, here's a bonus recommendation, even though I don't know that it's current. (Just looks too good to pass up). As of Thursday afternoon, Concordia's website said they had on Double Mountain Terrible Two Anniversary ale. A bourbon-barrel aged brown. Mmmm, tasty.

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