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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Teaser: New Brewery

If my traffic is any guide, ain't no one sitting around reading blogs today. Good--this is a day to be outside, not reading blogs. (Current temperature: 71 degrees.) I was out myself, taking a walk down to Laurelhurst Park where the trees are putting on an early display.

(In the city fields
contemplating cherry trees
Strangers are like friends

On the way home, we happened by a building with an intriguing sight inside: three small jugs with air locks, looking suspiciously like brewers yeast. Two folks were puttering around inside the door (open, garage-door style, to the gentle elements) so we were able to learn that indeed, it was yeast. By a stroke of luck, we had stumbled onto the birth of a brewery. Given that this is a scoop of sorts, I'm going to milk the news and tell you about it all tomorrow--I so rarely break news. But I can share with you my joy--the future brewery will be just four blocks from my house. Four blocks!

Springtime, when breweries blossom in Beervana.

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