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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Big Men

Tonight I will be settling into a probably painful couple hours as our two big men, Joel and Greg, try to subdue a bigger man, Ming. So far, they've had no luck down in Texas. I am a moth and this is my fire--no matter how how painful the flames get, I must see the Blazers end--or maybe, just maybe--extend their playoff run.

If you wish to avoid the pain or are--and this is slightly hard even to imagine, but such is the capacity of my brain--not a Blazer fan, there's a different big man appearing from 5-7 tonight at Belmont Station: Full Sail's John Harris. He is big in reputation and accomplishment, if not Blazer big: a stint at McMenamin's during its formative days, founding brewer at Deschutes (Mirror Pond, Black Butte, Bachelor Bitter--his) and now the master of the big beers at Full Sail. If you haven't met him, this is a decent chance. He'll have some Black Gold, as a fair lure for those not cracking a Session in front of the game.
Photo: John Foyston


  1. What a brewmaster! I would guess the Slipknot is his too.... as well as maybe the Old Boardhead? Both are just awesome brews... he deserves a cold million for mirror pond.. quite possibly the best pale ale on the market next to Blue Heron and of course... Full Sails...

    Shame... I always miss a lot because these guys don't go to these places during the day... it's always at night! I will be here at home watching the game with a bomber of Tricerahops!

  2. Ahh, the glories of modern technology… I can both attend the tasting and TiVo the game with the freedom to fast-forward past all the stupid whistles (or instant-replay the lack thereof).

    I feel your pain, Jeff, but hopefully after the tasting, I won't feel it quite so much. :)