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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Recession Blues, Polling Edition

Back in January, I ran a poll asking you to describe how your beer-drinking habits had changed. At that point, there was not much evidence of a trend away from craft beer. This week we learned that craft beer sales are down even while macro sales are apparently up--so it seems like a good time to run the poll again. I am keeping all the answer categories the same so we can compare them. I should have added a catch-all category ("I'm using a mixture of techniques to save money"), but since I didn't, I won't do it here, either. So, if you are using a variety of strategies to keep costs down, just check the answer you rely on most often.

After a couple days, I'll post the results, along with those from January.

(Usual disclaimer: The poll isn't scientific. There are a number of reasons why we shouldn't make the mistake of thinking the results reflect larger trends. Still, it might plausibly register some change over time--or at least provide us an opportunity to compare results every three or four months during the recession.)


  1. Recession hasn't affected my beer drinking, but it has altered my wine and spirits drinking. I buy cheaper wine and spirits, but I cannot retreat on the beer. A Manhattan made with Old Crow is still a good drink. A Pabst, notwithstanding it's hipster cred, cannot begin to satisfy the way an Oregon craft beer does.

  2. We're still frequenting our local, we try to hit happy hours when we can.