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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bits and Pieces of News

I have a nearly overwhelming desire to create single posts out of each of these bits of news to drive up traffic. I'll try to rise above the base desire and give you an omnibus post. Here we go.

1. Honest Pint Act movin' on up
I received word from Jules Bailey's office yesterday that his Honest Pint act (HB 3122) is "scheduled for a work session next Wednesday in Business and Labor." Okaaaay. (Even a wonk like me didn't know what that meant.) On reply, I learned a little bit about our legislative process. A "work session" is the moment when the committee--in this case Business and Labor--decides whether to send the bill to the main floor of the House. Baby steps, but it would keep the bill moving along. (Once it gets to the floor, the House decides what to do with it; if they pass it, it goes to the Senate and then the Governor.) Send out your good vibrations.

2. Fred Fest Tix online now
Fred Fest, which I have never attended, is purported to grant attendees temporary nirvana ... and that's just the unworthy ones. For worthies -- well, some are never heard from again. True story. Tickets are fifty bucks, which, when you consider the payoff, ain't much. Even a cheapskate like me might find it in his tightwad heart to muster the lucre. There's an attractive new website, at which you can buy one of only 250 golden tickets, no doubt going like hotcakes. What would Fred drink? Word.

3. John Harris at Belmont
When I was in Belmont Station recently, I saw that on April 30, John Harris will be doing a meet-the-brewer. John is man you don't want to exit this earth never having met. If you are in that unsavory circumstance, remedy it pronto. Like on April 30.

4. Bill's funny vid
Go watch now. You won't be disappointed--promise.

I said, go watch.


  1. Clarification: I just found the video on YouTube. It's not me doing the opening or the sniffing.

  2. To bad, Bill.... I was going to ask for the unwrapped version of that video.... Not of the dude, but of the Blond..... ;-}

    Jeff, Hope to see ya at Fredfest! :-O

    Make sure you have your full name written really big, so the ol' doc can read it! ;-}

  3. Doc: Are you going to be wearing a name tag that says "Dr Wort", or are you going to go incognito and then bash everything and everyone involved after the fact?

    Either way, I look forward to seeing you there.


  4. I know Jorge Esquivel!!! I went to High School with him! He was a bad MFer!

    Chris: No, I'm going to where a name tag that says, "If your name is Chris, you're probably a dumb ass!" ;-}

    Of course, I'm going to put my "real" name on the name tag....! Do you think I'm stupid? ;-} If I was somewhere else, I might put Dr Wort on my name tag.... like another state!

    It would be funny if five guys put Dr Wort on their name tag... They'd be a glutton for punishment.

    Believe or not, some people do know who I am...

    I don't think I'll bash Fredfest, but everybody else better be on their best behavior! :-O

    Do ya think Dr Wort should have a coming out party?

  5. BTW, I know who you are Chris! We actually met more than once at Belmont Station. We've had some great chats about different beers and you've recommended some real good ones... Even the Doctor needs some guidance sometimes... Especially with the cost of some of those beers.

    I've seen Jeff a couple times too... He's usually huddled into a corner somewhere, being all timid and shy...

  6. Sorry.... One more thing!

    When's that Belgian Beer Tasting at Lucky Lab???

  7. DW, if you mean 'Cheers to Belgian Beers', I believe it's May 1st and 2nd.

  8. All in good fun Doc...

    Perhaps I will wear a name tag that says Dr. Wort and see what kind of reactions I get.

    Or maybe everyone who isn't the good Dr could wear a tag that says "I am NOT Dr. Wort!" and process of elimination would reveal your secret identity.


  9. Thanks AC!

    HOTD Earth Day sale on April 25th..!


  10. Chris....

    "all in good fun" should be the Doctor Motto, but then he loses his shock value. :-O

    I doubt that enough people would have "I'm not Dr Wort" on their tag to narrow it down.... Of course, it could end up that Fred is Dr Wort...! Fred's evil twin!

    I'll probably just stick to bashing Jeff. He's easy and can usually take the jabs. We have other bloggers that couldn't take a joke or critique if it was delivered by Rodney Dangerfield!

    You know the type!? They're so uptight, you couldn't ram a pin up they're ass with a jackhammer! ;-}

    BTW..... Lets' hop we'll actual have some Fredfest beers that FRED WOULD actually drink! Last year there was an infected beer and a couple of real boring snoozers; i.e., NOT what Fred wants to drink... ;-}

    Considering the parking situation at HOTD, maybe Dr Wort should start a valet parking and make some extra cash!? I'll donate to a good cause! The "Dr WORT's Educational Fund: Helping to educate the Northwest beer drinkers that there's more to beer than a big load of hops."