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Friday, April 17, 2009

Weekend Best Bets - Sunny Weather Edition

This weekend will be sunny and, by current standards, hot. As such, I have scanned the taplists for sunshine beer.

One of the best hot weather beers is Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier, pouring at Concordia Ale House. A good German Weiss is a damned hard beer to top on a sunny day.

Belgium's answer to Weissebier is witbier, and Hoegaarden's is pouring at Belmont Station.

Another fine choice in this vein is the rare-ish Hair of the Dog Greg, a light squash beer. You can find it at the Green Dragon. Also available, Oakshire's version of the wit style.

If none of these please you, click around my "On Tap" links and find something that does float your boat.


  1. I don't know if it's still there (according to the bartender, they were running low on their slightly-smaller-than-1/6th-barrel, though it had been going slow), but Horse Brass had the Schneider Weiss on Monday… their description was spot-on, "…banana, cloves, nutmeg and a hint of apple…" it was delicious.


  2. Weissbier may be the most under-appreciated style in America--certainly in the Northwest. I don't know a summer beer that approaches it. Of course, this effusion may be the result of the Oerbier by the Mad Brewers I've mostly polished off.

  3. I wouldn't limit weissbiers to summer or warm weather only. I've enjoyed it in the chill and misery of Munich in November, along with other Meunchers, and it was just fine. Under-appreciated, at least the real version, here and many places regardless of season. Thanks for the recommendations.