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Saturday, October 24, 2009

At Skamania Lodge

And so my junket to Skamania Lodge begins. The day is brilliantly sunny, shreds of fog rising in wisps off damp ground. When we checked in, the folks here said they'd received 38 kegs of beer (!)--about which I still have no info. The Lodge, however, is an impressive facility. This bend of the Columbia (just a mile east of the Bridge of the Gods) is particularly attractive; the hills cluster beautifully, in successively lighter shades, as they stretch out down the Gorge. The Columbia curls South around one of those hills as we view it from the Lodge, giving it the appearance of a fair-sized lake.

Not a bad place to start a crisp autumn day.

1 comment:

  1. Jeff - cant wait to hear about this event. Maybe I missed it but I didnt here anything about it in the news or from the guild...I guess it IS in WA so....

    Cheers...hope you had fun. Tell us all about it.