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Thursday, October 01, 2009

More for the Technophiles

I recently got an email from David McMillan at tech start-up in California. As I understand it, they're working to create embeddable databases with info on various topics. Much like the Taplister project, this is one of those meta/collaborative things that requires users to participate. He wanted people in relevant fields to post beta versions of these tables so people could see them and comment on them. He asked me--and I'll ask you--to be "brutally honest." So have a look and let him know.


  1. is this freeware? can anyone who sees it edit it or can it be locked down?

    i might be interested in using this on the Honest Pint Project site...can you get in touch with those guys and have them email me if i can beta it?

  2. Yeah, this is totally open for collaboration. Any one can add a row or vote on a cell. Also, anyone can take it and embed it in their blog. All collaboration happens in real time across all the implementations. Pretty cool!!!!