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Friday, October 23, 2009

Sad State of Affairs

The US has many cool pubs, but they are mostly housed in buildings with less historical strata than many of Europe's grand old drinkeries. That is why this collection of photos fills me with such awe and disappointment. The photographer, Dick Bulch, has assembled pictures of 148 closed pubs--and a lot of them are real gems. Here's a few--but for the full force, go to his Flickr page and behold the apocalypse in its fullness.

The George & Dragon, Hackney Road

The Angel (no more info)

The Conquerer, Boundary Street

Bull & Mouth, New Oxford St


  1. PDX is richly blessed by inspiring beers and beer culture. Those pubs had inspiring architecture and atmosphere at one time, but rarely inspiring beer. A few will survive on
    local pub atmosphere and location, with local micro and other adequate beer. Thank you, hard working and inspiring Oregon brewers for your world of difference.

  2. I couldn't get through all of the photos before I made a quick search for my own local, The Devonshire Arms. Fortunately, it's still going strong. It was like a first love, my first hand-pumped real ale. After 22 years, I still remember the early summer day when I walked in, nearly asleep from jet lag, but determined to have that first pint.

    It is sad to see these photos, but sadder still to know so many more have closed that are not pictured here.

    Is there any data or reporting on the "net" loss or gain in pubs in England? It's a commentary on a changing lifestyle more than just the changes in the brewing industry.

    Thanks, Jeff, for sharing this one.