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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bizarre Press Release of the Week

I'm all for fighting alcoholism, but I just can't see any hook for this book on a beer blog.

One man’s Incredible Journey from Alcohol Dependency to Astronomical Success

Phoenix, AZ , October 12, 2009 - Alcohol is the #1 health problem in America today. Affecting close to 16 million people, with an annual price tab of $9 billion in liquor sales, it’s a pretty safe bet that everyone’s life has been touched by it one way or another – either as individuals with a drinking problem, or with a friend or family member. Jeffrey Taylor was one such man. He began drinking at age twelve and did not stop until one cold, snowy night in New York when he was found by police in a gutter, stripped of his clothes. When he woke up in a hospital, on life support and suffering from alcohol poisoning, he could not even remember his own name.
Writes Lisa McEntyre of the Ascot Media Group in her comment to me:
Jeffrey Taylor, author and millionaire entrepreneur, found hope and achieved financial success after a near-death experience from alcohol abuse. He excites audiences with stories that show anyone can recover from the devastating effects of alcohol addiction while achieving financial security. He faced his demons and won the battle, ultimately becoming a huge business success story that made him a millionaire in the process! Jeffrey shares meaningful messages to both radio and TV audiences and is often asked back due to listener and viewer feedback. His life experiences lend authenticity to his books, making him a fascinating guest embraced by audiences everywhere.

Please read the following press release and let me know if I may provide additional information for consideration of an interview.
I get a lot of weird press releases, but this is exceptional even among that group. Lisa, what exactly did you expect me to do with this information?


  1. I suggest to you that you just gave her exactly what she wanted...

  2. Perhaps, but if this guy Taylor asks her how well she's doing promoting his book and she points out that 43 beer bloggers have ridiculed her--giving him publicity!--he may not regard that as the finest use of the public sphere.

    All press is good press--unless it fails to move product.

    (I'm pretty sure that's an economic principle. If not, put me in for the Nobel.)

  3. So…the first step to becoming a millionaire is to start binge drinking?

    It is the tying together of severe alcoholism and the “You too can be a millionaire!” promo that feels a little strange.