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Monday, October 26, 2009

News--including a sad item

Both Brewpublic and the Washington Beer Blog are reporting on the death of Dick Young, the namesake of venerable Dick's Brewing in Washington. Here's the WBB:

It is with a very, very heavy heart that we report that Dick Young, the man behind Centralia’s Dick’s Brewing Company, has passed away. Complete details are not yet confirmed, but we thought we should report what we know. Dick apparently died of a heart attack suffered while working at his cabin in Lewis County. It happened over the weekend, perhaps as recently as last night.

This is a tremendous loss for the Washington brewing community. Dick Young was an icon. He represented the very best that the Washington beer community has ever offered the world — a vibrant personality, sincere passion for beer, and a genuine kindness that was recognized by everyone he met.

Sounds like the Washington Beer Blog will be following this, so check back there.

California Cup
Since I'm repeating info from other blogs, here's two other small items from John Foyston. First, the Concordia Cup, California edition has crowned (what else) Pliny the Elder as California Cup winner. Other finishers: 2) Firestone Walker Double Jack IPA, 3) Bear Republic Racer X, and 4) Mad River Steelhead Double IPA. But we already knew Pliny was king.

Finally, Deschutes is rolling out Abyss next Tuesday (11/3) at both Portland and Bend pubs. It should be in stores thereafter. He adds this detail, which may or may not apply to Bend: "You can actually buy bottles at the pub starting at 2 p.m. Tuesday -- up to six to a customer -- and the first 48 customer get bottles signed by Brewmaster Larry Sidor." (That ought to make it even more of a rarity on eBay!)

Jon adds this, which may or may not apply to the Portland Pub: "The Abyss 2009 release party at the Bend pub will be on Tuesday, November 3rd, at 5:30 PM. This will be your chance to purchase the first bottle of the season, try a three year vertical tasting and purchase the new t-shirt."

I guess the lesson is: show up at the pub and good things will greet you.

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