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Friday, October 09, 2009

Cheers to Brewpublic

Brewpublic is only a year old. That doesn't seem possible, does it? Angelo and Margaret are throwing a bash at Saraveza's to celebrate. (But I bet Angelo will have divided attentions: our Red Sox are now trailing in the playoffs. This is no time to celebrate!)

Seriously, it's nice to have company in the blogosphere--congrats!

Update: I hope Angelo enjoyed his party and skipped the Sox. Oy.


  1. The great response to the Brewpublic weekend stuff partially quelled my broken heart for the Old Town Team, but today with Papelbon's poor outing and the Patriots' dislodging OT loss, I feel a tad crestfallen. Sorry I didn't see you at the weekend, Jeff.

  2. CHEERS!!