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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Matt Van Wyk

Nice local color--Matt Van Wyk, brewer at Eugene's Oakshire Brewery.

Cool that, with 12,934 breweries at the GABF, they chose Matt.


  1. I have only had their IPA yet in the bottle, and I must say it was quite good. Look forward to others.

  2. "Cool that, with 12,934 breweries at the GABF, they chose Matt."

    Damn you are a sensationalist putz! A pure representation of how the media can screw with the average mans head and make them believe any piece of shit that is in print.

    Truth.... The 2009 GABF had "495 Breweries in the competition" and
    "457 Breweries in the festival hall." Most were obviously cross overs. 495 breweries would be the closest number.

    Not every brewery has a brewer at the GABF. DRAFT focuses on the Craft end of brewing. Ergo they wouldn't be interviewing some schmuck who works at Miller. DRAFT conducted a multitude of interviews! A quick search on Google gives me 16 DRAFT interviews on from the 2009 GABF (I'm sure some didn't make it to youtube). Tonya Cornett of Bend brewing with interviewed too. While some people were sought out for interviews, many were random brewers walking by.

    I'm sure they would have even interviewed you Jeff! I'm sure you would have been a ready and willing dork ready to spew out your take on life and the brewing world. ;-}

  3. Um, Doc, that was comic hyperbole. You could tell because, you know, the number was so big. Also, comedians have determined that the funniest number in the world is 12,934.

  4. Just trying to get in my last digs before I go away for ever....

    ....and One is the loneliest number.... blah, blah, bah...