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Friday, October 02, 2009

Fresh Hop Guide - Hood River

Don't you love the smell of fresh hops in the autumn?

Tomorrow is the Hood River edition of three roaming fresh hop festivals. It's the oldest, at six years, and possibly the most spacious. It will be a great opportunity to sample fresh hop ales and further refine your sense of what makes a good wet hop. Below is the official list of the beers pouring at the event (there are more, non-wet hop beers) and their associated wet hop(s).

Brewery______________Beer (Hop(s) Used)
______________Fresh Hoppalata (Liberty)
______________Hoptimus 2.0″ (Cascade, Simcoe)
Big Horse
____________Vernon the Rabbit Slayer (Simcoe)
Big Horse
____________The Strange Hemp Ale (Experimental)
___________Hop Harvest Ale (Chinook)
Cascade Lakes
________Fresh Hop Pale Ale (Santiam)
____________Fresh Hop Mirror Pond (Cascade)
Double Mountain
______Killer Green IPA (Brewer’s Gold)
Double Mountain
______Fresh Vienna (Mt Hood)
Ft George
____________Cohoperative Ale (Multi-hop)
Full Sail
____________Lupulin Ale (Crystal)
Full Sail
____________Lupulin Ale (Cascade)
_____________Sodbuster Pale Ale (Crystal)
___________Hop Bale Pale Ale (Amarillo)
___________Organic Goodness Pale (Organic Chinook)
Lucky Lab
____________The Mutt Ale (Multi-hop)
Lucky Lab
____________Das Moot Pilsner (Multi-hop)
________Fresh Hop MacTarnahans (Cascade)
New Old Lompoc
_______Harvest Man Red Ale (Crystal)
New Old Lompoc
_______Fresh Hop Crystal Wheat (Crystal)
______________Nugg E. Fresh (Nugget)
_____________Fresh Hop Harvest Ale (Chinook)
______________Elemental Ale (Sterling)
Rock Bottom
__________Hoodwinked (Mt. Hood)
Rock Bottom
__________Octoberfist (Hallertauer)
Rogue Ales
___________Chatoe Rogue (Revolution)
Sierra Nevada
________Harvest Ale (Cascade, Centennial)
Three Creeks
_________Santiam Harvest Farmhouse Ale (Santiam)
______________Fresh Hop of Bel Air (Liberty)
Walking Man
__________Fresh Hop IPA (Unknown)
Widmer Brothers
______Hopturnal Emission (Summit)

As a bonus, I've put together descriptions of the hops that will be used in the Hood River beers. They describe the hops as we know of them in normal use. But, as I've tried to document, how a hop behaves once it's dried is no indicator of what it will do wet. Brewers are starting to get a handle on this, and you can see that a certain group of hops have emerged as favorites. Looking through the list, you see lots of Cascade and Crystal.

I'd like to draw your attention especially to Laurelwood's Hop Bale Pale, which was brewed with wet Amarillo. Those of you with long memories will recall Full Sail's transcendent 2007 Lupulin, made with Amarillo. This is the first beer since that one I've seen with that hop (a proprietary, hard-to-get hop). Also note that there are no Willamette or Perle--hops we've seen in previous years.

Stay tuned, I got more fresh hop goodness on the way.


  1. I had a really good fresh hop this year that was made with Perle. It seems logical in the northwest to use Cascade after all it's the hop we put in everything :P

  2. If my list looks as bad on a regular browser at it does on my iPhone, I'll fix it later today.

  3. Okay, looks pretty good on Firefox. I'll leave it.

  4. Thanks Jeff for posting this list. The past few days I've been looking for a list of local fresh hop brews. Well done!