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Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Few Notes from Gary Fish

As I continue to work on my (probably doomed) book proposal, I'm starting to speak with some interesting people. Today I interviewed Deschutes' Gary Fish for about 45 minutes. I will see about transcribing it for a few nice excerpts, but a few tantalizing details about future releases.

The brewery plans to continue to do more special releases, but they may have to rotate their many special beers. On the other hand, some may get more regular distribution. So:
  • Red Chair IPA will be released in sixers as a seasonal in 2010 (early, I think).
  • Mirror Mirror may not be back next year. (Which means you should lay a few extra bottles away in the meantime.)
  • A beer called Jubel 2010 is on the agenda--a nod back to Jubel 2000, for those who remember it.
Also, before I cause a panic, my sense is that Mirror Mirror is not being discontinued (and may even be produced), just that Deschutes now has so many specialty beers that they can't all be brewed every year.

Also, strange fact: after entering the Dallas and Arizona markets, Black Butte Porter is outselling Mirror Pond. Riddle me why that might be (which is more or less what Gary said, happy but mystified).


  1. Those markets are probably already full of pales/ambers so mirror pond isn't really anything that stands out. On the other hand, even in Portland there aren't many quality Porters, so Black Butte really stands out.

    Just a theory though.

    Can't wait for Dissident to be released again.

  2. What's so strange about Black Butte outselling Mirror Pond? If I was choosing between the two, I'd usually grab the Black Butte.

    Course I lived in Texas for 20 years, so maybe I'm just part of Gary's statistic.

  3. I'd say that the broder appeal of a porter over an IPA could be the cause. In the northwest we sometimes forget that outside of beer circles IPAs aren't super sellers. Alot of people who find them too bitter would gladly go for something a little less hoppy like Black Butte