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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Amusing Tweet of the Day

Okay, so here I am, scanning all the election results, tweeting like a madman on my other account, and this comes across the transom:
MayorSamAdams For the love of hops, VOTE! RT @dtboyd: Spread the word to make sure Portland is voted Beer City USA #Pdx
Primary election night and the mayor of Portland is exhorting his neighbors to vote BeerCity USA in an online poll? See, Asheville, that's why they call us Beervana.


slick willie said...

I'm sure Asheville's mayor voted for his own city too.

Asheville has 78,543 people and Portland has 521,000. Does that mean Ashville has more drunks or does that mean people in Portland are too drunk to vote? ;-}

jason flair said...

asheville is dreaming if they or any other american city has portland beat.i don't care what that poll says.

Drink Me Magazine said...

That's adorable. I guess if that's how he thinks he will be re-elected, through making his town BeerCity!

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