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Friday, May 21, 2010

Vote San Francisco, Dammit!

Oh great, as we come down to the wire, Portland and Asheville are just about tied again in the pernicious "BeerCity USA" poll. I'm beginning to think my influence is not all that: didn't I tell you to vote for San Francisco? At this point, San Diego, the third-place city at 5.5%, may be the way to go. Portland now trails Asheville by just .6%.

Update, 6:36 pm: Portland 34.4, Asheville 34.5. Aiiiieeee!

Update, 12:12 am: Portland 35.2%, Asheville, 34.2%. Ah, what the hell, I've just been to a beer dinner at Wildwood, featuring Pelican beers. We are the best. Say it loud, say it proud!

Update, 10:00 am, Saturday: Portland 34.9%, Asheville 35.3%.

Update, 12:37 pm, Sunday: A spooked Ashville rallies: Portland 34.5%, Asheville 38.3%.

Final Update, 9:09 am, Monday: the poll is closed, and Asheville has run up the score, 39.9% to Portland's 34.1%.


  1. I refuse to dignify that silly poll with a vote. Apparently the only people that care about it are in Portland or Asheville, otherwise a larger population center would be walking away with it, say Boston or Chicago.

  2. Portland is now up by 0.2% :(