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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Cheers to Belgian Beers in Pictures

A few shots from yesterday's fest. I'll give you my review in a day or two. (One sentence preview? The best fest yet, with a number of solid beers and four exceptional ones--and of course, a few duds.)

Sally and I arrived at 11:55, thinking we
were absurdly early. Not so.

An homage to Hopworks' bike ethos?
Lots came to the fest on two wheels.

Abram Goldman-Armstrong and Ben Love
winners of the homebrew contest.

Enjoying the fest.

The glassware was great--but lent itself
to overpours.

The obligatory shot of the crowd with
out-of-focus glass in foreground.


dr wort said...

Waiting for your reviews. DA's reviews were pretty good. He tried some beers I hadn't tried. We didn't have the same likes and dislikes, but it appears we appreciated some of the same perceptions.

Jeff Alworth said...

Just finished my opus. It will post itself at 9:09. Loved the urine beer!

Samurai Artist said...

Hey, thats The New School's "SNOB" Ritch and "Swine-Flu" Jimmy receiving their medals for the homebrew competition in the photo above!

Jeff Alworth said...

That's cool. Derek also scored some metal. Bloggers represent!

Aman said...

I love Belgian beer. Thanks for the article!

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