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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mild Tomorrow Night

I rarely announce Meet the Brewer events because--well, mainly because others do it more reliably. But this is something that caught my eye, so I'll flag it for my fellow mild-lovers:

pdxgreendragon Meet the Brewer -Thurs, 6p- Ted Sobel of Brewer's Union Local 180, pouring Welsh Mild Cwrw 3.6% ABV & Cumbrian Moor Porter 4.9% ABV

I may have to make a pilgrimage.


Brewers Union Local 180 said...

You may buy me a pint. Sparkler please.

Jeff Alworth said...

Wait, it's YOUR beer. Now I have to buy you a pint? Maybe the Green Dragon's house brew, which looks to be the anti-mild.

Jack R. said...

I would rather make a pilgrimage to Oakridge. I reckon my wife needs to visit her friend in Eugene soon.

Jeff Alworth said...

Jack, based on what I know from reading Ted's blog, these beers are generally single-issue affairs. I could be wrong, but you may not have another chance to try them. In any case, Portlanders should avail themselves of the ready access.

Chris said...

FWIW, Ted was also kind enough to drop off a different keg for us at the Station. It gets tapped at 3pm on Friday, so if you haven't had your fill on Thursday night please come and help us kill the firkin.

Brewers Union Local 180 said...

It does need to be killed. I have to retrieve it on Saturday so I can take it home and put more ale in it.

KeAloha said...

Both beers were very good. I couldn't detect the peat in the Mild as much as I tried, but my friend picked it up easily.

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