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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fun Up North

Seattle Beer Week is currently under way, a spectacle I may one day enjoy. Especially if they keep hosting events like this:

(Click to enlarge)

I'll be interested to see if that Double Mountain is as well received in Seattle as it was by me. And now for some indefensible homer boosterism: go Oregon!


  1. I hope the DM IRA does good too. I get a lot of mixed feelings about their beers from beer geeks. Maybe it's their house yeast, i don't know. None the less, Double Mountain is probably in my top three Oregon breweries, so maybe I'm biased and try to like all their stuff... ; )

    I know the IRA is a vastly different beer from their newer Empire Strikes Back (pale ale made with English malts and hops), but there was a cask of that at Fredfest, i thought it tasted great. But others i talked to weren't too hip to it.

    I would love one day to try a firkin of IRA.

  2. DM IRA and Ninkasi Tricerahops are perhaps the two best cask beers I have had. At the Firkin Fest Deschutes' Twilight was wonderful as well, which surprised me as I have been underwhelmed by the beer previously, but I hear they changed the recipe. Is this true?

    Anyway, homerism might cause trouble for DM, but we are well represented in the IPA category.

  3. Oops, meant to say it is a shame Twilight is not in the mix in Seattle...

  4. Just found your blog via a friend suggestion. I was up in Seattle last weekend for the Beer Festival too. Pretty fun stuff!

  5. That looks like a win for all involved.

  6. I had the pleasure of attending this event. The IRA was excellent, but it was up against very stiff competition in the Elysian Prometheus. This was definitely the best pairing of the event.

    Overall the IPAs, pale ales, and and ESBs (mmm Laurelwood) were the best offerings. I was surprisingly disappointed with the darker beers on offer. As much of a Washington homer as I am, I had to give the win to Oregon overall.