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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Green Dragon Report

It was exactly like it was before Rogue took it over, save for the menu. I met a friend for lunch and we enjoyed a Roots Habanero Stout (Roots, the intended destination, was closed due to an electrical issue) and a Cascade Mouton Rouge. The waiter, Stacy, was stellar and engaged me in a discussion about the virtue of hoppy beers v. sour beers.

Were there ominous signs? Hard to say. The only evidence Rogue was the owner were two small, subtle things: they used the six-pack containers as condiment trays, but the did not use Rogue sixers; two of the next four Meet the Brewer events are Rogue Brewers. There was one official-looking gray haired guy with a clipboard wandering around taking notes. But maybe he was with the city--who knows?

I gotta say, if this is the end result, those who were worried should be breathing a big sigh of relief.


  1. Did you measure the pints? (I noticed they got rid of GD's girlie pint glasses.)

  2. I was served a traditional Green Dragon pint. Or as you say, a girlie pint. Also a goblet emblazoned with New Belgium. I saw other tulips and goblets being served (including the tres cool Orval), but no sign of Rogue glassware anywhere.

  3. Hmmm, there wasn't one to be found late Tuesday. Maybe they used them up for meet-the-brewer.

  4. Everyone was wearing nametags when I was there last (the workers that is). At least there wasn't the "How can I help you today?" emboldened upon them.

  5. i went in yesterday and ordered a pint and they said they were "no longer serving pints" even though the menu said they were. they were also in the process of closing all 3rd party taps and installing Rogue-only taps. one of the waitresses slapped me then shat in my sandwich.