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Friday, January 09, 2009

Weekend Best Bets

If I were to go out on the town this weekend (and as usual, the likelihood falls below the midpoint), these offerings would grab my attention:

Bailey's Taproom
In addition to the usual fine offerings, Bailey's has a gem: a 2004 keg of Caldera's Old Growth Imperial Stout. Five-year-old stout. Hoo-boy.

Belmont Station Biercafe
Two good ones on tap here: Pliny (an old but uncommon favorite) and Fantome de Noel. Add Heater Allen's delightful Pils and you have a trifecta.

Horse Brass
In the new clear-air Brass, you might lower your nose to a snort of Des Rocs Triple Imperial Ale, for now you'll smell the beer. Also cask-conditioned Wreck the Halls.

Green Dragon
It's worth a trip for the Cascade Mouton Rouge, which I'd call more a brown than a red. You'll call it tasty. I should review it, but ... lassitude strikes.

Laurelwood Arctic Apocalypse
If you're there Saturday night watching the Blazers, say, try this beer. Brewer Chad Kennedy notes:
This is an Imperial IPA with a twist. It's actually quite black in color. Unlike your normal super big IPA, we did a little something (no artificial ingredients of course) to create a super dark Imperial Black Ale. We swear, in a blind tasting there's no way you'd guess this beer was as dark as night. Of course, all the normals apply- it's super hoppy and supper big. Check it our for yourself. Just don't expect the expected.
He's written the check, but can he cash it? I have yet to have a black IPA (how about India Black Ale?) that has delivered, so this is an intriguing prospect.

Have a good one--


  1. will the new laurelwood brew be at their NW spot? sounds worth getting a pint of.

  2. On the website, Chad makes specific mention only of the Sandy location. Make of that what you will