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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

John's Year in Beer

John Foyston has a nice retrospective on the events of 2008, catching a lot of things I missed in my own review. I think the oddest and most interesting event was when Czech President Vaclav Klaus visited BridgePort. I do think it's high time that when beer-producing countries start visiting the US on state visits, they should pass through Beervana to pay their respects. You'd go to Rome and ignore Vatican City?

A few things I missed:
  • Feb. Lucky Lab goes solar (almost secretly).
  • May. Full Sail kicks off its Brewer's Share series.
  • June. Barley Mill turns 25.
  • Nov. FH Steinbart, the nation's oldest homebrew shop, turns 90.
Definitely worth a read if you like basking in the things that make this such a fantastic place to live.

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