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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Listen to Your Beer

A coupla weeks ago, I was on Lisa Morrison's radio show, Libation Station. In the manner of self-promotion (or, given my facility on the radio, -immolation), I alert you to this recording (mp3). It starts about 2/3s of the way through. In reality, I spoke more fluidly than I have on my KPOJ appearances, and you might find it interesting. Might. No promises.

Perhaps more interestingly, Craig Nicholls was on the more recent edition talking about his Flanders Red, debuting tonight. It starts a little earlier in the podcast, maybe 60% in. For those of you who have spoken with Craig, you know him as a gregarious and animated speaker, so it's interesting to hear him on the radio, where he's subdued. He warms up when Lisa asks him about the delayed release, and my theory about Vedic time is sort of right if you consider the fermentation of beer a godly thing. After that, he opens up, talking about his history at Alameda and how his organic brewing evolved. Lot's of other stuff in there, too, so listen, particularly those of you who haven't heard Craig before.


  1. Not to bad Jeff... You only partially sound like a computer geek... ;-}

    That's for sharing the love to your fellow beer bloggers! Although, the Doctor didn't get his name mentioned, we'll keep him under control... ;-}

  2. I'm not awake this morning!

    Word correction!!

    That's "THANKS" for sharing the love...

    Now I have to go finish my article about a "Joe nobody" who came to tour the NW to drink beer. I'm sure it'll be a fascinating and riveting new article.... :-O