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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More Obama

This pic is getting quite a bit of run in the blogosphere. I stole it from Angelo, but I don't know who to credit.

He also has news of a beer called Senator in Kenya--the beer of the people:
East Aftrican Breweries LTD of Kenya, founded in 2004 has released an adjunct-free brew called Senator. The beer, in Obama’s father’s native country is commonly known as “Obama Beer” and has become quite popular since the President won a Senate seat in 2004. The average daily income for about half of Kenyans is less than $1, and most other mainstream beers are upwards of $3 a glass. The Senator/Obama Beer sells for less than half of these mostly corn, sorghum, and rice malted brews at about 40 cents a bottle.
Not exactly beer news, but I heard on the radio that some coffeeshops are selling "Obama blend" with (can you guess?) 50% Kenyan and 50% Kona. So obvious when you think about it....

Okay, I'll knock off the Obama posts after this one. I've got a lot of info about Ron Gansberg's latest offerings, and a long-overdue review of Max's Fanno Creek in the hopper. Soon.


  1. Are you stealing that photo, or using it :-)?

  2. when the hell did you go to Max's Fanno Creek pub? and why wasn't i invited?

  3. I stole it fair and square. Oh, and that's PBR in the glass.