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Sunday, January 18, 2009


Two score and one year ago, I dropped wheezing into the world, asthmatic, nearly blind, but sporting a luxurious pelt of dark hair (that would begin to abandon me about twenty years later). I yet wobble and creak about--as much as old folk can expect.

Also, this here blog now exits the terrible twos and will, on the day a new president takes the helm, turn three.

Happy birthday to us.

[Update. In the Facebook age, I've gotten in touch with some long-lost friends from years back. One of the earliest sent this. I'm the skinny one in the stylish glasses in the back row--call it portrait of the blogger as a young hoopster. Photo must be circa 1978.]


  1. Happy birthday and (blog) anniversary!

  2. I have seen similar Y-ball pics on my facebook lately. You must have been the center.