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Monday, January 26, 2009

Two Bits of News

A resident of Maui and regular visitor to Oregon sends along news that a Webfoot will be relocating to the Magic Isle:
Maui Brewing Co. (MBC) is proud to announce that Scott Freitas has joined their ohana as their new head brewer....

[In] 1991 he was working for Steelhead Brewing Co. in Eugene, learning everything he could. By 1994 Scott became Assistant Brewer for Bend Brewing Co. and also worked at Bend 's renowned brewery, Deschutes, alongside their head brewmaster - all the while honing his craft. In 1996 Scott began working as assistant brewer at Wild Duck Brewing Co. in Eugene. The head brewer there, Glen Falconer, was Scott's best friend and mentor.
Having to leave Oregon. Poor bastard.

Also, I wanted to give a provisional shout-out to Rogue for keeping the Green Dragon's taps open to outside breweries. I was there last night and had a couple of wonderful Belgian ales (La Chouffe and Scaldis/Bush Noel). The food has changed, but that's really the only clue. Most companies have a huge interest in rebranding everything to fall into a corporate identity. I'm not an MBA, but I assume there's a method to this madness. I suppose Rogue will hold the line exactly as long as they think the line is profitable, but keeping things as they are demonstrates rare restraint. They're earning their name now. A Rogue approach indeed.

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  1. $10 for 6 ounces of Black Albert the other day. Not sure if that was Rogue pricing or fair market value, but I was shocked. Didn't feel it was anything special. Enjoyed my Double Mtn. IRB more.