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Monday, January 26, 2009


An extremely expensive beer, Struise Black Albert Belgian Imperial Stout, is making the rounds. I have not tried it, but based on reviews coming over the twitter feed, I'd encourage you to spend your money on a tasty local. Can you thank somenone for a counterfactual? Never mind the philosophy, you'll thank me.

(Also, this is sort of a recession-based post. Don't spend more than you have to in the land of extraordinary beer!)

Update. Angelo dissents.


  1. So, I've seen alot about a buncha really expensive beers lately, $10 glasses, $10 750s, imperial Stouts, sour belgians, etc... are there any breweries (hopefully local) that are working on a cheap recession beer? Maybe a little lighter than usual, but one that still has flavor and doesn't bust the bank? There are thousands of Oregonians losing jobs, some getting hours or pay scaled back, seems like some brewery ought to come up with a recession brew.

  2. Muddy,

    It has been made already. Full Sail has had Session lager our for years now. Usually you can find it for about $10 a 12 pack, pretty good pricing and you get to support a local brewery.

    Maybe Full Sail should change the name to Re-Session lager!

    I'm claiming it.

  3. Jeff: I've been off beer for a week due to a bad cold, so it looks like I'll miss the Black Albert. It's too bad, because I have really fond memories of De Dolle's Belgian Stout (PIB 3-4 years ago, briefly on the shelves at Belmont). Anyone able to compare those two?