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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Roots Prequel

Confessions first: last night was my anniversary with Sally (our first, most-remembered, pre-marriage anniversary), and despite my intense anticipation for the Flanders Red, I didn't make it to the pub. I intend to stop in for lunch this afternoon, after which I'm off to see what Ron Gansberg is up to. So reviews to come. Fortunately, this was a well-documented affair, and I bring you a couple comments from those who caught the debut.

Beer Around Town

I’m damn impressed, very well built brew, sour, but a very soft acidity. Doesn’t have as strong of a sweetness up front as the Dissident, and not as woody, but a bit more of a tart cherry flavor. I know a few of the other local blogs will have a better review of the evening and some good pictures to go along, so I won’t ramble.

John Foyston
[I]t's a fine eexample...dimensional, you might say; tart; refreshing, with a complex and evolving nose...Okay, you're right...we need Noel Blake to describe this beer in those poetic terms of his...

Matt, from, apparently took photos, so we'll look for those. (In the meantime, look at this post--it shows how the good-natured collegiality of the beer world can be exploited. I'll post on this later--it's instructive and important to discuss.)

More to come--


  1. I had only one glass, but I think I prefer it to the Dissident, which seemed to have too much residual sugar and is too "boozy" for my taste. But as a general rule, I am still not that impressed with NW attempts at sour styles or "lambics". La Folie and the Russian River brews are a lot better in my opinion.

  2. In regard to your comment on the Photo stealing...

    "Bloggers are sort of journalists; there's a compelling public interest for images and text to be reprinted by journalists because it is part of the public domain of our lives. Whenever I take someone's photo off Flickr, I always credit the photographer and link back to their site. This alerts the photographer that I'm participating in an act of what I consider fair use. I've never had a photographer get back to me and ask to remove a photo, but I would."

    I agree with your take on Photo and text usage, Jeff. I try and "Quote" text and give author credit and the same with photos. Sometimes I can't find the photographer to ask for permission, but I will try or give credit. Bloggers like us are not getting paid, we're just playing public journalists or story tellers and make no money from our efforts. Of course, there are bloggers that ARE getting paid to run blogs.... ;-}

    I don't really know all the legalities of THIS situation, but it does seem to take the wind out of the local beer COMMUNITY brotherhood's sails.

  3. Okay, I just went over and had a pour of the Flanders Red. Review to come. Could be a bit of a lag--this will be anything but straightforward.

  4. Funny you mention La Folie, megapolisomancy, because that was the first sour beer which alerted me to what pain I would suffer in the near future.

    I had a pint at Belmont Station's Puckerfest last summer, and my first impression of the beer was… not all that sour, really; I thought it was a fairly weak attempt at a flemish brown, really. It wasn't until I got about half-way through and it started to warm up that it started to taste more sour, but also feel more sour in my stomach. *shrug* Russian River's Sanctification(? I think?) gave me a similarly sour stomach, though it was much more sour on the tongue - a tad too much for me.

    I am now officially depressed…