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Monday, January 12, 2009

Specials at Deschutes

I just received a tip from Mike Starzec, manager of Deschutes' Portland pub, which I will quote verbatim. Looks like time-sensitive stuff, so grab it while you can.
Hi. We hosted the NW Brewing News' Reader Choice Awards ceremony yesterday, and we brought out a bunch of our big beers from our cellars. Some of it is still on tap, including:
  • The Dissident
  • Black Butte XX
  • Mirror Mirror (2005)
  • Super Jubel (a double Jubleale Barleywine)
  • Big Red Oak (a double Cinder Cone Red aged in Oak)
... as well as a host of other Deschutes beer. Get 'em while they last (which might not be long)!!

Mike Starzec
Mmmm, tasty.


  1. Thanks for the heads up... I missed the Dissident when it came out earlier this year. Gonna stop by tonight to get some.

  2. So I stopped in at around 20 after 6pm. I said to the bartender that I heard a rumor they tapped a keg of Dissident, his response was, "we did, but we're not pouring it." Later on my girlfriend over heard the barkeep telling a manager, "A lot of people are asking for the Dissident, can we pour it?"

    The manager responded with a head shake signaling no.

    I wonder what that's all about.

    I'll see you at Belmont Station for the Cascade/Raccoon Lodge tasting... If you're there.

  3. Matthew, that is really bizarre. I mean, the info CAME from Deschutes. I assume the intention of emailing bloggers was to get the word out. Hmmm...