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Monday, July 13, 2009

Certification Materials

Incidentally, here are the materials I've been giving/sending to officially certified purveyors of honest pints. Here's the letter:

Under the red "certified" stamp I write the date of certification.

And here's the (crude) graphic on my (crude) placards. Wealthy persons so offended by this low-budget system may contribute to the design and sticker fund.


  1. The letter says it isn't against the law to sell less than a pint. But I thought we were all agreed that it is illegal to say it's a pint and serve less.

    Specifically, ORS 618.096 says "No person shall ... Sell, offer or expose for sale, less than the quantity the person represents of any commodity, thing or service."

  2. Bill, there may be a law on the Oregon books one could interpret to prohibit this behavior, but since there's absolutely no enforcement mechanism, you don't actually have legal recourse. Plus, if the glass is a 16-ounce glass, does that count? What if it's two inches below the lip? The law is mute to these issues.

    Furthermore, I really hope the HHP goes national. We're actually getting pretty good in Portland and Oregon--good beer joints have mostly forsaken the shaker pint glass. I think it's safe to say that nationally it's also legal, too.