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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

OBF By the Numbers

As has now become traditional, I offer you the Oregon Brewers Guild Festival by the numbers. Compare/contrast to earlier years: 2007, 2008. Also, check out Bill's (more useful) contribution to the genre.
-22 - Years since inception
-81 - Participating breweries
-13 - Participating states
-33 - Oregon Breweries

-20 - IPAs (six imperial/double)
-11 - Belgian-style ales
--8 - Fruit ales
--7 - Organic beers

-4.0 - ABV of smallest beer (Eel River, Cascade Lakes)
10.3 -ABV of largest beer (Redhook Tripel)
---5 - Fewest IBUs in fest (Anderson Valley Summer Solstice)
127 - Most IBUs at the fest (Laughing Dog Alphadog)
---8 - Minimum years in a row 21st Amendment Brewery brought Watermelon Wheat
Much, much more to come of OBF-related posting.


  1. Oops. Do you mean "I offer you the Oregon Brewers Festival?"

  2. I count 4 Pilsners.
    - Full Sail Brewing Co / Full Sail Ltd 03
    - North Coast Brewing Co / Scrimshaw
    - Trumer Brauerei / Trumer Pils
    - Victory Brewing Co / Victory Prima Pils

    Albeit, I was disappointed with the 6'er of Scrimshaw 12 oz. bottles, June 2009. Perhaps, a 'mild / watery' batch. I will give it another try.

    < suggest you use
    target="_blank" in you external link. Ie, don't send me off your blog!