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Friday, July 10, 2009

Certification Saturday Reminder

Tomorrow I and the commenter known as iggir (which is actually crude shorthand for Iggi R, shorthand for Ignatius Reilly, the pseudonym for the HHP website designer) and possibly Sally will be out officially certifying pubs from our unofficial list. Our possibly ambitious plan is to hit the inner SE and downtown locales listed here:
Lucky Lab
BridgePort (Hawthorne)
Horse Brass

Rock Bottom
Goose Hollow
I was planning to do a blitzkrieg, but Iggi, owing to a greater sense of commitment, says we should actually be enjoying some of the pints the pub will be pouring during the certification process. (Who knows, we may never make it out of Roots!) In any case, there are a lot of places in town serving honest pints--not to mention those across the country--so I hope you consider helping out.

The process, easy-peasey, is described in toto here.

I'll post something with the results of our efforts, probably Monday.

Well, thanks to Iggi's almost fundamentalist zeal, we stopped and enjoyed every honest pint we certified. Meaning, of course, that we certified fewer. We tried to mitigate their effect by splitting them, ordering low-alcohol beers, and eating, but due to old age and creeping decreptitude, that limited us to five certs. Silver lining: it means the effort is more entertaining and I'm already keen to go do another batch. I'll put up an official post soon, but those now Officially Certified (and in possession of letters of certification and official--if crude--"purveyors of honest pint" placards) are: Roots Organic, Lucky Lab, BridgePort, the Horse Brass, and Belmont Station.


  1. Just wondering. Roots, Bridgeport, and the Horse Brass serve imperial pints. Is there really need to head to those places to "certify" them?

  2. I think you should head over to Hopworks too... when I asked for a pint there, I was served a pint... so i then even asked to buy the mug. Took it home, and just to verify, I did a 16 oz. measuring cup pour, and it passed while still leaving 3/4" of room for some thick head... must have been a 17 oz. glass although it says 0.4L on the side...

    Now I say we all push Laurelwood to do the same... and not adjust their prices accourdingly.

  3. .4L to the line, not to the top, but I have wondered how much they held to the top, thanks for doing that!

  4. Just a suggestion, in case you find yourself having consumed too much… why not just have them fill a pint glass with water? That's actually a truer measure of the quantity of the glass (no time/measurement compensation for head required), and it's much more easily tossed aside should the certifier become too… bloated. :)


  5. Anónimo, you forget Iggi's fundamentalist zeal.

    Plus, I think it's good to show the glass from which the beer was poured--it's a further measure of authenticity in certifying a pub.

    Of course, we could always just skip drinking the beer, which was my intention, but Iggi was having none of it.