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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Devil Sun

Okay, this is bad. Average high for July 28: 81°
Temperature: 8:53 am: 79°
_9:53 am: 83°
10:53 am: 88°
11:53 am: 92°
12:53 pm: 96°
-1:53 pm: 100°
-2:53 pm: 102°
-3:53 pm: 104°
-4:53 pm: 105°

Key quote to put things in perspective comes via Twitter from Oakshire's Matt Van Wyk:
103 degrees today. Even the 6am brew shift of a double brew won't be enjoyable. Which breweries have an air conitioned brewhouses???
And apropos of nothing, I offer you a phone pic I snapped outside my Boeing en route to Minneapolis. Even with just two megapixels, one has a sense of the grandeur. Lucky people will be driving up that mountain sometime this morning and not coming down until Thursday.

Widmer weighs in on Twitter: "Currently, the brewhouse is 115°, the boiler room is 135°, and the cooler is 46°. We'll hang out in the cooler, thanks very much."


  1. We have HVAC in our tiny little brewery. Nevertheless, I don't think I will be brewing tomorrow as planned, as I doubt the thing can keep up. Better to just drink beer instead. It stays 72 in the pub.

  2. Care to recommend any hot weather beers?