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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Certification Saturday

Okay, time to get serious. When the Oregon legislature declared sine die two days ago, they made official the failure of Jules Bailey's Honest Pint Act. Since that bill was potentially going to duplicate my effort with the HPP, I have been waiting to see what would happen--no reason to certify pubs twice.

So on July 11, I am planning to embark upon Certification Saturday. I'm going to hit as many pubs on my list of provisionally certified list and get them fully certified. I have created crude placards and a less crude letter of certification, and with my trusty camera and pyrex measuring cup (inset), I will see how many I can do that day.

(Backgrounder on the Project here.)

I would love your help. If you would like to pitch in--either with pubs on the list or with ones you know of that aren't on the list--it will be super easy. All you have to do is take a measuring cup to a pub. Buy a pint of beer and dump it into the cup (if your cup isn't a quart, pour slowly!). Then take a picture with the cup showing at least 16 ounces of fluid, the glass you poured it out of, and preferably, shoot the shot in a distinctive portion of the pub for verification. Send me the pic and I'll send along a letter of certication and a placard directly to the pub. Full instructions here.

If you live outside of Portland or in another part of the country, please consider certifying pubs in your town.

Pubs that serve an honest pint deserve to be recognized and patronized for for their good behavior. It's long past time that I started to make this official, and any help you can offer would be most welcome.

July 11th is smack-dab in the middle of Craft Beer Month--a perfect time to get started. Cheers--


  1. Jeff: Did you notice this post by Andy Crouch? The Shaker Pint Must Die. Haven't seen his magazine article, but I thought he could have tipped his hat to you in the blog.

  2. Bill, I hope he does include the HPP in the article. I think he hits on an interesting angle though, which is educating owners of loss. When owners realize they're literally pouring money down the drain they'll make the change. I've heard stories of owners that keep a bucket under the spill rail (or whatever its called) to collect wasted beer so they can show the servers how much it really is.

  3. I'd like to participate by checking out Golden Valley in McMinnville. Any suggestions though for approaching the folks in the pub about what I'm doing?

  4. Well, since I'm a chicken, my plan is to hit up places that I know have imperial pints. I intend to let the pubs know that I'm there to certify them. You could do the same. Rather than being stealthy, let them know or be obvious and tell them that they're getting certified. I think it's all good news, so let's hope they are psyched. If they have honest pints, let them know they'll be getting a letter and placard in the mail next week.

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  6. I'd be interested in hitting all the Newport pubs. We need shirts though... something quasi fun... someone needs to make a design (Jeff).

    EDit: Ah... okay, I was unaware of swag at (oops!). Now that I have found that, shirts are nicely designed, (though bloody spendy for a 3x), my compatriots and I can begin our planned survey of this coastal home of Rogue.

  7. Dann, I got your back--but not in time for Saturday: Honest Pint Swag!

  8. Whoops, I responded to your deleted comment, Dann. Yeah, they are bloody expensive, and almost all the money goes to Zazzle. Sorry--