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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Events Calender

Craft Beer Month finishes with a flourish this weekend (which is actually next month, but who's counting?), with quite a line-up:
  • Concordia Cup, Today through August 2 at the Concordia Ale House. Twelve Double IPAs vie to be Oregon's entry in Beer Brawl III. Taster trays are $12. Full details here.
  • Roots Christmas in July, Friday 6pm. They'll be pouring a 2006 Flemish Red aged for two years in a Pinot Grigio oak barrel, the 2007 Epic Ale and 2008 Festivus. Bring a new toy (for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital) and you’ll be entered into a raffle for a bottle of Roots 08 Epic Ale
  • 15th Annunal Rogue Bones and Brew, Saturday and Sunday, 14th and Flanders. Live music, barbeque, 20+ craft breweries, all to benefit the Oregon Zoo. Full details here.
  • Bailey's 2nd Anniversary Celebration, Saturday noon - 10pm. It's a mini-fest with an amazing line-up of beer (Derek has the list here). Ten bucks gets you a glass and three pours. Full details here.
  • Double Mountain Cookout and Street Party, Saturday noon - 10pm in Hood River. Live music, barbeque, and a full slate of DM beers, including two I am keen to try, Pilsner and Little Red Pils. Full details here.
Surely you can find something amid these lush offerings with which to amuse yourself.


  1. Any idea what beer the President drank at his "beer summit?"

  2. Wha???

    I was watching the new last night and three difference channels stated:

    Obama -- Bud Light
    Biden -- Bucklers (non-Alco)
    Gates -- Sam Adams Light
    Crowley -- Blue Moon

    I would say Gates made the best "patriotic" choice considering Blue Moon is a Coors product brewed in Golden Colorado, but co-owned by Canadian Molson. Adam Adams would be the ONLY American beer of the bunch. I've read that Obama drinks simple light beers and was a big fan of Colt 45. No joke!