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Friday, July 24, 2009

Support Your Local Pub

NPR has a grim reminder that a perfect storm of events can turn an erstwhile Beervana into a pub-less ghost town:
This could be the greatest tragedy of the recession for the U.K.: Humble British pubs -- the kind of place Britons can go for a relaxing pint (or five) and chips on the way home from work -- are closing at a rate of 52 a week, according to the British Beer and Pub Association. That's 2,377 pubs closed, and about 24,000 jobs lost in the past year.

The association's report also says that local pubs were the hardest hit, especially due to the economic downturn. Interestingly, the key to survival seems to be selling food: pubs that focus more on selling food are only closing at a rate of one a week.

But it isn't only the recession to blame. Industry representatives said that 20 percent increase in the U.K.'s beer tax (which is set to rise), as well as increased regulation (such as the recent pub smoking ban).

Bud Clark should make some PSAs: "Only you can prevent massive pub extinctions." Indeed, we must do our civic duty.

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